My next new adventure in Tuscany ❤️

    Ciao dear friends and lovers of Tuscany,

    Do you still remember your days in the Val d’Orcia? Well, I remember all of our wonderful guests that we’ve had over the years at Cretaiole, Le Casine di Castello, and Casa Moricciani—and you are the first ones I wanted to tell about my next new adventure in this wonderful area I now call home. This winter we’ve purchased a beautiful stone farmhouse of the 1500s, originally built as a monastery, just on the edge of Castelmuzio. With many ideas in my head, and a great designer and construction team, the building and its gorgeous grounds will be reborn as “La Moscadella” for guests to come and stay with us.

    This village has become my love, my dream village—the place I want to spend the rest of my life—and I can’t wait to share the beauty and pleasures of La Moscadella with you and your friends and family. Here you’ll find the most delicious meals and finest wines, evocative landscapes, an authentic village with quintessential Tuscan charm, and the most enchanting, exclusive, cozy, laid-back hideaway—and feel what it means to “Live Tuscan“.

    Over these past years you have helped us to be successful. You have gifted us with your trust and your generosity. The number of returning guests we have each year is most gratifying. The word of mouth referrals you have made and the amazing reviews you have written about your stays with us is deeply appreciated. We thank you for all of this, from our hearts. Now we need your help more than ever! Please let your relatives and friends know about our new vacation venture. La Moscadella will also be an ideal venue for weddings, family reunions, milestone celebrations, and retreats and workshops. And of course it will be an ideal place for you, too!

    For all our returning guests we are preparing very special offers, gifts, and lovely surprises to make staying at this Tuscan haven sweeter than ever ❤️

    I hope you’ll take this journey with us—and follow its progress which I’ll write about on this blog until La Moscadella opens for the 2017 season.

    Grazie mille e arrivederci a presto!
    Isabella and Carlo.

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    Above and Beyond

    You are important and valuable to us. Making you happy in every possible way is our mission. Our work is dedicated to quality.


    Our staff members love what they do and they excel at enhancing your stay through personalized attention, support, details, and kindness. You’re among friends.


    We are flexible, helpful, and we try to anticipate your needs to improve your journey through Tuscany. Our products are excellent, the services and experiences we provide are top-notch, and our concierge services are some of the best you can experience. We know how precious your vacation is, and how important it is to have one great experience after the other, which in the end will mean – a memorable stay to treasure among the best in your life.


    We have high standards, and hire people who are dedicated to go the extra mile. Our employees are positive, empathic, responsive, competent. And, main thing, they care about you. Sometimes, it’s one individual who makes the biggest impact. The chef who helps you discover a new favorite dish; the concierge sharing a hidden gem with you; the gardener introducing you to the secrets of an organic garden, or a cleaning lady with little special touches..

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    A tiny village, with three great places to eat (if you stay at La Moscadella)

    My village has everything I need to eat well. Besides the terrific meals we will serve at Gli Orti at La Moscadella, there are two really nice restaurants in the village—owned by local families, using local ingredients, and delicious traditional Tuscan recipes. A nice walk into the center of the old village, in the piazza by the church will bring you to Locanda di Casalmustia, owned and managed by Paola. Sit outside on the piazza during pleasant weather, or go upstairs to the fine dining room. And for a truly special event during the summertime, for groups up to 12, consider having a Sky Dinner on the roof-top terrace. You will think you have gone to heaven with the 360 degrees views of the Tuscan hills.

    For a simpler meal, with family-style seating, go the Trattoria della Filiera (located just below the public parking lot). The family that owns this informal restaurant lives close by on their farm and they produce many of the food items they use to prepare the meals.

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    The Oil Press – Oliviera Sant’Angelo

    Oil doesn’t taste better than the olive oil from the orchards surrounding Castelmuzio. It has been widely known, for many ages, that if you want excellent oil, buy the oil from Castello (the nickname the locals give to the town). Many farmers have their orchards, but few if any have their own press—this is quite common in our area. This means that all of the farmers take their day’s harvest to the local frantoio to have them pressed into precious green extra virgin olive oil. And Castelmuzio is quite fortunate to have its own local frantoio, the Oliviera Sant’Angelo.


    Body Pampering Services

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